Wally is Denver's closest friend and the deuteragonist of Denver, The Last Dinosaur. His full name is Wallus Adams and is of Caucasian ethnicity. He cares about various animals and has 6 pets: his puppy, Rocky, 3 cats, his rabbit, Ears, and a parrot. He especially cares about Denver and he and his friends do everything they can to keep him out of sight, since he worries that someone will want to take him away, like Morton Fizzback or Dr. Funt. Wally is Heather's younger brother.

Denver specially cares about Wally, as he feels insecure that he is not as talented and smart as his friends. This is clearly shown in the episode Pen Pal, when Wally felt that he is not special compared to his Swedish Pen Pal - Inga Spinga, and replaced him with Shades, who is athletic and is a good musician.

He is also voiced by Adam Carl.